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    Silver 925° oxidized bracelet

    212,00 €

    Ceramic rotating stoneware sphere with metal base,painted by hand.Fired...

    110,00 €

    Handmade art boat made out of copper and brass elements.

    35,00 €

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The distinct quality of ΠΑΝΔΩΡΑ Art shop.

The distinct quality of ΠΑΝΔΩΡΑ Art shop.

PANDORA ART SHOP is located at 19 Sotiros Dios Str. in the center of Piraeus. It is a place that we have all admired, even outdoors. The distinct quality of the works of art that it offers can not go unnoticed. The founder of PANDORA ART SHOP, Mrs. Amalia Panayotopoulos, has for two decades been dedicated to the presentation and promotion of modern Greek artists exclusively.The themes of
their works stem from Greece,myths,history,natureand everyday life.PANDORA ART SHOP offers sculpturalobjects of high aesthetics of clay,metal and composites.Construction techniques are an adventure that tells the human epoch on materials, be it the ancient art of clay,where the four elements of nature(soil-water-air and fire)will provide an art object, whether it be for casting aluminum, bronze or brass into sand,oxidations,deformations and iron castings where the technique of fire and heavy tools will be called upon to cooperate and perform fine arts. The works proposed byPANDORA ART SHOP are all signed,unique and hand-crafted and cover a wide range of modern needs such as jewelery,decoration,gift, specialized business gift, as well as the collection of artworks of modern Greek artists. At PANDORA ART SHOP you will find a lively gallery with great creations of Greek artists at affordable prices.